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Hello, world!

I don't always watch anime/cartoons/tv shows, but when I do, I watch in one-shot

I don’t always watch anime/cartoons/tv shows, but when I do, I watch in one-shot

I’m Ponytaorponyboy, a would-be author and I have a lot of things to say. They’re not always pertinent and they’re not always right-on, but I’m working on it.

Speaking of which, I’m a Goodreads librarian and reviewer (not a good one because there are simply so many things I want to read that it becomes near impossible to review critically, also I only just started XD) and a manga/anime fan.

You’ll find on my Facebook profile a proper list of the shows I watch also. I like to think that I keep it up to date, but who knows, I might also have some delays.

Here’s my main WordPress blog. I mostly post random things there, like thoughts and obsessions. I like to ramble a lot… as you may or may not have noticed…!

You can also find the many websites I have an account on and stalk me there to your pleasure here.–

Why are you doing this, Ponyta/Ponytaorponyboy/Ponyboyorponyta/Ponyo? Well, it’s quite simple actually. I’ve mentioned this here, but yeah. Long story short, I’ve realized how bad I am at writing reviews when I started trying to write a review for an author on Goodreads. So I’ve decided to train myself. The more I write, the better, right? Also, for certain TV shows, I like to post my thoughts, so that I can go back to them at the end of the series and think: ‘I was right!‘, so they’re mostly for me, but you’re welcome to read them if you want to venture into that…!

You’ll also notice that I’m an easy rater. Unless I sincerely dislike a show/anime/etc., I will probably never go below 5.

DO you have a schedule, Ponyta?Ah, good question. There’s no real schedule, but so far, here’s how my weird mind has worked up the ‘schedules’:
3rd of the month: Game review
10th of the month: Webcomic recommendation
17th of the month: YouTube recommendation
24th of the month: Anime / Book / TV show reviews
Throughout the week: Sometimes, there will be TV predictions/thoughts, or reviews/recaps, etc. So far this has only happened to Empress Ki, though.

Please note: Unless specified, most images I use are not mine and can be linked back to the website where I found them.

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