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Title: Kuragehime (a.k.a. Jellyfish Princess)
Episode: 6
Watched: April 14th, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Greetings from the Ponyta who runs this review/recommendation/weird blog,
How are you all faring on this fine, fine day of the new month of May?

I realize as I write this that perhaps my goal of binge-watching AND binge-reviewing each and every episode from this series is as far-fetched as it is unrealistic, seeing as it’s already 11PM right now and I’m only half-way done with the series, only JUST scheduled the last episode’s post and only now starting this episode… perhaps I can watch the rest tomorrow and review it tomorrow as well…

As per usual now, this warning should not come as a shock to you: This episode post is full of spoilers. Tread carefully!

Regarding the Opening, I’m pretty sure that Mayaya was C3PO in Star Wars and the Career Woman who’s name is so forgettable is Mary Poppins – although the references still have to be explained to me.

Episode 6

Right off the bat, almost exactly at the beginning of the episode [if we don’t count the Opening sequence’s, that is], we start with a reference as we spot the title of the episode: “Night of the Living Sisterhood”, is also a reference to “Night of the Living Dead” [look it up, people who don’t know or were too traumatized to remember (wait, if you’re traumatized, don’t look it up, I don’t want your mental death on my conscience)], which is NOT a horror movie I have watched (if you know me, or have read any of my reviews of the Hidden Object Games, you’ll know I’m a bigarse scaredy cat, so no, I would not have watched it). Despite not having watched it, the movie is famous enough that I would actually recognize the reference!! I guess this may well refer to the fact that the Amars are similar to the ‘living dead’ (which are zombies, people, ‘living dead’ mostly refers to ‘zombies’), and that, in this episode, they are going to be going out [dressed as fashionable women thanks to Kuranosuke] and they will act like zombies (despite having read the manga, I can’t stop my mind from going wild at the title and especially at how they might change some parts from the manga, seeing as they’ve already done so for the past episodes).

Kuranosuke knows a lot about fashion… I wonder if I ‘frame’ my friends in the bad way… like I’m that one person that pulls the group down with her in terms of shiny-ness and awesomeness looking… [not that any of my friends “wear a kimono because they’re rich”, none of that, none of that… also I have no friends who are Japanese to start with…]

…I’d like to point out that I don’t agree with him saying that women have to wear heels as weapons… Heels – while quite a potent weapon to kill zombies, are difficult to walk with… and I don’t like wearing heels…

I like how Kuranosuke made fun of them because they are NEETs but he also leeches off his father’s money, hahaha!!!

OH MY HEART, BE AS STILL AS STONE!!‘ is what I thought as Kuranosuke noticed a certain cute side of Tsukimi [whether it’s blowing on her drink, calling the moon a jellyfish or talking to a jellyfish] during this episode and even went as far as to punch a wall to feel manly again.

I had the same feeling as one of my favourite characters – namely: Uncle Prime Minister – ‘transformed’ into a girl and said that now that he’d seen Kuranosuke in his glory, no one would ever want him (uncle) as a wife. THIS. THIS IS WHY I LIKE THIS GUY!!! I can’t stop laughing, my ribs hurt…

I had the same feeling again when, right after, we were officially introduced to Hanamori the Benz driver – whom we mostly see crazy, talking about his cars and being obsessed about his cars. Actually, come to think of it, everyone in this series has an obsession with something – and depending on the thing, they can be seen as Fujoshi/Otaku or as normal/fashionable… What. Is. This… What. Is. This… What… is… this…

Call Backs:

I like how, in the anime – but not in the manga, by my reckoning – Tsukimi always goes in a singing fit when Kuranosuke refers to himself as ‘ore’. And obviously, the song would always begin with ‘Ole’.

I never noticed it in the manga, but… the old lady who calls on Kuranosuke when he’s in the women’s washroom – dressed as a guy – back in the aquarium and the lady who tells him off for punching the bathroom stall are the same person… Coincidence?

…That Career Woman… even though I read it in the manga… I still couldn’t help narrowing my eyes as she drugged Shuu!! And she made him think that they did it…!! >.< That’s a devil woman for you…

Oh my goodness, the soundtrack/melody as Shuu wakes up from being fake-raped and Career Woman trying to distract him with mindless chit-chat.

I can’t… Honestly, I always gush when Shuu does something cute and this is no exception… when he just grabbed Career Woman’s shoulders to push her back and run like there was no tomorrow!! And to boot, he has a phobia of women! That, I say, is cute for a male anime/manga character. Shuu is so cute when he asks to hold Tsukimi’s hand… is it because he feels sorry that he cheated on her without them being in a relationship? Shuu as a child is pretty cute, also!!

Dangit, I finished this episode at midnight… so technically this is April 15th… People, I’m a bit tired, but I’m still gonna try and finish some more episodes! Wish me luck and see you in a few days for the next episode!

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